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What Is Loid Forger’s Real Name? What The Manga Reveals

Looking at every detail of the Spy Family manga and anime to find out what Loid’s real name is (if he even has one anymore)


    Loid Forger / Twilight’s real identity has always been surrounded by mystery, but has the manga or anime ever spilled the beans? There are plenty of theories out there, but let’s see if any have legs to stand on.

    What Is Loid Forger’s Real Name?

    Loid Forger from Spy x Family does not have a real name, so his real name for all intents and purposes is “Loid Forger.” Loid Forger’s real name has not been revealed in the Spy Family manga or anime. The only names given to Loid are his aliases (including Loid Forger) and his spy name “Twilight.”

    The manga is quite a ways ahead of the anime and not even it has alluded to Loid’s real name. There are plenty of Spy x Family fan theories out there, and only a couple of them have even poked around with Loid’s real name as a theory. Since Spy Family is a feel-good slice of life series (even if it is technically one of the best espionage-packed spy manga), it doesn’t give fan theorists a lot to work with. The series focuses mostly on Loid’s newfound love and fatherly-feelings for Anya as well as his blossoming “love” for Yor. There’s not a lot of room left to delve into Loid’s past and drop hints about what his real name is or could be.

    With that being said, there are some theories about Loid’s name (which I will go into in the next section below.) However, these are just theories, and I need to reiterate that we just simply do not know Loid’s real name. We know that his real name is not Loid Forger and that he has had many aliases over his illustrious career as a spy. But that’s all we know for certain.

    Maybe Spy Family will fill us in later, because we’re all curious, but I wouldn’t count on it. In fact, the manga has done a few things to make me believe they will never reveal Loid’s real name. They’ve crossed his name out in the bonus sections of manga volumes. The very first chapter of the series even says that Loid’s ID was trashed many years ago. Maybe Loid doesn’t even know his real name anymore.

    By keeping Loid / Twilight’s real name a secret - the writers have created a nice mystique around the character and the series in general. Of course, at this point we’re so in love with the characters that the writers can do whatever they want and we’ll be left smiling and happy, but at the end of the day, Spy Family is a Spy series and that little bit of mystery really helps.

    Loid’s Real Name Theories (Manga Spoilers Below)

    The Spy x Family fandom has created theories for everything from Loid being Anya’s real dad to Loid’s entire mission being a phony.

    Loid's Code Names And Aliases Hint At His Real Names

    Loid has had many codenames and aliases throughout his career as a spy. Spy Family has told us a few of them. While these are definitely not Loid’s real name, they may give us a hint as to what his name is. First of all, we can use these names (Roland Spoofy, Loid Forger, etc) to eliminate possible options. Loid’s real name is definitely not Loid and it’s definitely not Roland. Secondly, all of Loid’s names have had R / L in their titles, meaning his real name likely starts with one of these letters as well - or at least has some kind of R / L pattern to it.

    A James Bond Callback

    Speaking of R / L name patterns - there’s one very famous actor who’s name starts with R. A sir Roger Moore. Guess who Roger Moore played? James Bond. There’s a chance that Loid’s real name is Roger or even Roger Moore and is a callback to one of the most famous James Bond actors to ever play the iconic spy. The theory gets even deeper when you realize that in the James Bond movie that Roger Moore acted in, there was a character named Anya Amasova. Now, this would be quite the clever twist and really reward fans for their superspy sleuthing if it turned out to be true.

    Loid Doesn’t Even REMEMBER His Real Name

    The beginning of the Spy Family manga alluded at Floid’s original ID basically being tossed away as garbage. Loid has had a long career as a super spy and in this time has probably had 100s of aliases, fake names, nicknames, etc. There’s a good chance that his original name has just blended in, in his mind. Loid is Twilight, he’s a super spy. He has no use for a true birth name, so why would he let it take up space in his mind? The counterpoint to this theory is that Loid is very good at his job and what kind of super spy would actually forget their name? The counter-counter point, though, is that forgetting their real name is exactly what a super spy would do because it would make it that much harder for enemies to snuff out who Twilight is, where he is from, etc.

    Is Loid Forger Twilight’s Real Name?

    Loid Forger is not Twilight’s real name in Spy Family. Loid Forger is just one of Twilight’s many aliases, and is completely unrelated to his real name. Loid Forger’s real, birth name has not been revealed in the Spy x Family manga or anime, but both have made it clear that “Loid Forger” is a fake name.

    I’ve gone over a ton of fan theories already trying to find out what Twilight’s real name is. We know for a fact that it isn’t Loid Forger, since the manga and anime have both made it very clear that Loid is just one of Twilight’s many aliases. Now, with that being said, wouldn’t the best alias be one that no one expects? AKA Twilight’s real name?

    Let me explain this theory a bit more:

    If both of these theories were true, then it’s possible that WISE gave Twilight his real name as his alias for this final, retirement mission, so that Loid can retire in peace with his true identity. Now, these are all just theories, of course, but wouldn't that be pure poetry? A wholesome end to one of the most wholesome manga to ever be printed.

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